ROBOMECH 2018 was held in KITAKYUSHU during 2nd-5th June 2018.Seven members from our laboratory gave presentations.







Yayi Shen, Shugen Ma, Hiroki Tomita, Guoteng Zhang,Yang Tian, Atsushi Kakogawa

“Development of a Multi-terrestrial Robot with Eccentric Paddle Mechanism”


Takatomo Otsuka, Shuya Inoue, Jie Ma, Atsushi Kakogawa, Shugen Ma

“Development of a Helical Pole Climbing Robot with Underactuated Tendon-driven Arms”


Guoteng Zhang, Taihei Kawabata, Shugen Ma, Atsushi Kakogawa

“Development of a Caterpillar Robot Actuated by Dielectric Elastomer Actuators”


Naoki Otani, Atsushi Kakogawa, Shugen Ma, Yang Tian

“Experimental Study on an Out-pipe Robot with Series Elastic Gripping Mechanism for Adaptation to Steps and Curved Pipes”


Atsushi kakogawa, Yuki Komurasaki, Shugen Ma

“Autonomous Elbow-pipe Steering System for Pipeline Inspection Robots based on Shadow Images”

2nd Report:Improvement of the Shadow Recognition and Experiment in a Continuous Elbow Pipeline


Yang Tian, Pinhan Huang, Shugen Ma

“Pipe-Recognition using a Monocular Camera for Pipe Tracking”


Hello, everyone!!
My name is Oka, M1 student.
“ROBOMECH 2017” was held in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture on May 10 (Wed) – 5/13 (Sat), and six members from our laboratory participated.
When I first knew the venue, I only had  the impression of “far away …” (lol), but when I actually went there, the Koriyama station which was the closest station of the venue  was prominently prosperous. It was exactly “a vibrant town”.
In ROBOMECH, we made a presentation at the poster session, set up posters for each session, and explained to those who were interested.
Every year, the seniors who participated in this conference said that it is easy to question and to answer questions close to each other so that valuable opinions could be heard in the ROBOMECH, and for me it was exactly right.
It was very meaningful to explain with enthusiasm to those who were interested. Thinking and answering questions based on the questionnaire research viewpoint is useful.
I would like to be encouraged in research in the future so that people who are interested will have a deeper interest in the research contents (^ ^)


ROBOMECH 2016 @ Yokohama

Members in our lab gave presentations in ROBOMECH 2016 held at Yokohama during 8th-11th June 2016.


加古川 篤

” ロール回転可能なヘビ型配管内検査ロボットの防水防塵設計 ”

Yang Tian

” Implementation of Integrating a Scan matching based SLAM into a Snake-like Robot under Robot Operating System ”

山上 大樹

” 管内形状に基づく配管内検査ロボットの自律曲管走破システム ”

大塚 貴丈

” 乾燥砂でのラグ耕鋤におけるラグ作用力と砂地の隆起体積の関係の定量的検討 ”

小紫 由基

” 影画像情報に基づく配管検査ロボットのエルボー管内自動走行システム ”

松本 久宗

” ヘビ型ロボット用防塵防水関節の設計 ”


Members in our lab gave presentations in ROBOMECH2015 held at Kyoto during 17th-19th May 2015.

加古川 篤

Yi Sun
“Experimental Verification of Terrestrial Mobility of an Actively Lugged Wheel Mechanism”
“Water-proof Design of an ePaddle-based Amphibious Robot”

Yang Yang
“Development of an Active Lugged Wheel for Accessing Sandy Terrain”

Yang Tian
“Experimental Verification of Double Guarantee Kidnapping Detection”








山上 大樹


ROBOMEC2013 in Tsukuba

ROBOMEC 2013 was held in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Pref. from May 22 to 25. Sun (D4), Yang (D2), T. Nishimura (M2), Matsuno (M2), and Huan (M1) presented in the poster session. And T. Nishimura was selected as JSME young excellence fellow award at ROBOMEC 2012.

  • 楊揚、馬書根、孫翊、「水陸両用ロボットの軟弱地盤における運動性能の検証実験」
  • 西村太貴、加古川篤、馬書根、「経路選択可能な螺旋駆動型管内移動ロボットの機構改良」
  • 松野孝博、馬書根、「壁面移動のための受動吸盤の開発」
  • Yi Sun, Siyu Huang, Yang Yang, Shugen Ma, “Improved Design of a Prototype Module for a Novel Eccentric Paddle Mechanism”
  • Yi Sun, Shugen Ma, “An Oscillating Paddling Gait for an ePaddle Hybrid Locomotion Mechanism”