JIMA2016 @Tokyo

We have participated in JIMA2016 Synthesis Inspection Equipment Exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight for 3 days from Sep.28 to Sep.30, 2016. We exhibited and demonstrated a pipe inspection robot. The demonstration that the piping inspection robot vertically moves up and down was attracting people. http://www.jima-show.jp/english/index.html


By listening to the opinions of people working at the factory site, we were able get many opinions that we cannot hear simply by being in the laboratory.
Moreover, we were able to know problems such as durability of the robot. There are many people who want to use the robot immediately for inspection of infrastructure equipment and we feel that we have to tackle as soon as possible for practical application.

IMG_5763We don’t want our research to end in the laboratory. We would like to have many people see our research through exhibitions, etc. and conduct it that will be used somewhere in the future.

JSSF2015 Science Zone

20151113aHello. This is Hisamune Matsumoto.(B4)
We went to “Japan Super Science Fair 2015(JSSF2015)」held at Ritsumeikan High School. We were in charge of the project called Science Zone 「Z-1 Snake-Like Robots」, high school students learned the movement principle of snake and practiced to move the snake type robot.

Ritsumeikan High School students and high school students who came from all over the world got a lecture in English about a snake movement principle.


After the lecture, they moved the robot for a competition.

And they also be able to move like this as they got used to it.

Personal comment “I want to be able to speak English

Japan-China University Fair & Forum in China 2014

Japan-China University Fair & Forum in China 2014 organized by JST (The Japan Science and Technology Agency) took place in Beijing (from March 15 to 19) and Shanghai (from March 21 to 24), China. Mr. Kakogawa (D2) and Mr. Matsuno (M2) took part in Beijing Fair & Forum.


Guests from Singapore

As a part of JENESYS2.0 program Science and Technology (Robot Industry) 7th batch, 10 students from National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University visited the Department of Robotics and the Department of Human and Computer Intelligence at Ritsumeikan University, and they also visited our lab, on Thursday, March 13th.

A Visit to Harbin Institute of Technology

Prof. Ma, Yang Yang (D2), Atsushi Kakogawa (D1), Taiki Nishimura (M1), and Takahiro Matsuno (M1) made a visit to Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) in  Heilongjiang province, China on December 26th-29th.
We met Dr. Qiquan Quan (Lecturer in HIT) who is an alumnus of Malab and organized a seminar to exchange our researches.