Hello, everyone!!
My name is Oka, M1 student.
“ROBOMECH 2017” was held in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture on May 10 (Wed) – 5/13 (Sat), and six members from our laboratory participated.
When I first knew the venue, I only had  the impression of “far away …” (lol), but when I actually went there, the Koriyama station which was the closest station of the venue  was prominently prosperous. It was exactly “a vibrant town”.
In ROBOMECH, we made a presentation at the poster session, set up posters for each session, and explained to those who were interested.
Every year, the seniors who participated in this conference said that it is easy to question and to answer questions close to each other so that valuable opinions could be heard in the ROBOMECH, and for me it was exactly right.
It was very meaningful to explain with enthusiasm to those who were interested. Thinking and answering questions based on the questionnaire research viewpoint is useful.
I would like to be encouraged in research in the future so that people who are interested will have a deeper interest in the research contents (^ ^)