Renewed the lab’s website!

We have renewed the lab’s website! It becomes easy to see even with a smartphone. And there are many pages under construction, but we will update it from time to time.
(We have not done anything yet on the English page.)

Thank you for all your continuous support.




Bakazemi 2016!! in Kibougaoka Cultural Park

Hello everyone!! (^-^*)/
I am Yuki Komurasaki, M1 student.
I am sorry that the post was delayed. m(-_-)m
This time is about an annual seminar “Bakazemi !!”

So do you know what is ” Bakazemi ” ? (゚ペ)

The Bakazemi is a seminar that is’nt related to usual research at all, pursue your favorite things stupidly(Baka) and present it in front of everyone.

This year we held it at Kibougaoka Cultural Park in Shiga!

This park is rich in nature, surrounded by mountains and a perfect place to camp!\(^^)

The 1st day!!
We did Bakazemi in a room, although there was a lot of nature.
Many people brought the real things this year so it  became a great zemi. It is nice to have the real things after all. o(^^)o

“Devices that detect people entering the laboratory and notify them to their smartphones by e-mail”
“Three-dimensional origami with curved lines”
“Dynamic analysis of the way of knitting” etc.

Their presentations were full of personality.

In such wonderful presentations, Mr. Mukai got the championship!!!!(*)/゚・:*【祝】
The title is “A device to prevent forgetting to up a zipper of pants”.
Everyone was laughing with just the title. He has become the man of the hour.


“ I spent most of the money for a BBQ because the accommodation costs were cheap!! “ said a person in charge.
People who did not talk normally in the lab cooperated to prepare for BBQ.
Talk a lot…eat slowly…drink slowly… these are also important time. o(^^o)


Good morning! The 2nd day! !  b(・o・)d
There was a 
mysterious belonging “empty milk carton” that was written in a brochure of this camp. Let’s use it now! Wrap the materials of the hot dog in aluminum foil and put it in a milk carton then into a fire.By the time the milk carton burned out, there was a smoking warm hot dog inside!!




 Let’s play sports outside in the end!!  (ノ゚)
We walked 30 minutes from the campground to the lawn square! It was really hot… The weather was great and Prof. Ma was full of motivation!
We played Dodge Bee and Futsal. It was fun but everyone got tired. Well, I was weaker than I thought … (ノ゚ρ) 
And it was also our first time to play sports together. I would like to organize this regularly!!


Personally, I really enjoyed it!!
However, I also have many reflection points as an organaizer.

Well, what sort of Bakazemi will be held next year?

I’m looking forward to it.(‘-‘)(‘-‘)

So goodbye for now!! |_) |_) |)  See you again!!



The English name of the lab has changed!


The English name of the lab has changed!

(before) Biomimetic Intelligent Mechatronics Lab

Bioinspired Intelligent Mechatronics Lab

Biomimetic means mimicking living things, but we are only inspired by creatures, so we decided to use the word Bioinspired.

Thank you for all your continuous support.


Robot contest by new B4

Hello everyone!
My name is Yuki Komurasaki, a new M1 student.
We are working on cultivate knowledge and experience of robot for new B4 students every spring break.

And this year’s theme is to rewrite the program of the snake-like robot which we made and to run on a designated course.

Mr. Izumi, who had been honing his skills at the robot technology research group for 4 years, was fantastic during rewriting the program.!!(The time limit was 3 hours.)
While another group tried to lead the robot to the goal with a try & error using a timer, he brought in his own controller and moved the robot.

And the time for the presentation came!!

As most groups struggled with gradually narrowing courses and curves, only one group reached the goal!!

 Yes. Absolutely his group.

A gold medal (chocolate) written a beautiful “R” letter specially made by Ritsumeikan University was presented to the winning group.

We would like you to continue acquiring knowledge and skills of the robot from now on. And  we also expect not only Mr.Izumi but also the other new B4.

Good bye for now.


For the new fiscal year

Hello everyone!! We, B4 and M1 members, finished our presentation of graduation thesis on February 19 and it became an important turning point for us.
On that day, the member of B4 and M1 who got over the final barrier of the presentation went to the
all-you-can-eat BBQ!!

Never mind that big eaters happened to gather at the back of the seat. (lol)

For me, this was a very meaningful event to spend time with unique B4 members (the one who has a unique way of thinking, the one who goes with the flow, the one who is weak against stress, the one who never took a roast meat by himself,  the one who basically don’t say words but enjoying watching the surroundings and also the one who snatches other’s bacon away. )  Who? You want to know the names? That’s a secret.(lol)
There is one big event left for the new fiscal year! That is…….moving of the lab! The studens leaving the lab, remaining the lab, new participants, each one is busy preparing for the new fisical yearLet’s hope the lab will be clean and tidy.
Finally, I would like to pray for the development and prosperity of Ma lab. Let’s continue doing our very best ♪

Written by Kanno Ryou



JSSF2015 Science Zone

20151113aHello. This is Hisamune Matsumoto.(B4)
We went to “Japan Super Science Fair 2015(JSSF2015)」held at Ritsumeikan High School. We were in charge of the project called Science Zone 「Z-1 Snake-Like Robots」, high school students learned the movement principle of snake and practiced to move the snake type robot.

Ritsumeikan High School students and high school students who came from all over the world got a lecture in English about a snake movement principle.


After the lecture, they moved the robot for a competition.

And they also be able to move like this as they got used to it.

Personal comment “I want to be able to speak English

Open campus 2015


It’s been a while. How have you been? This is Yamagami.
Finally, my big work that has been accumulated for a long time has finished, so I could post this article.
(The next job will start soon …. (* _ *))

Well, August 1st was an open campus day. We talked to high school students about research of our lab.In particular, this time, we explained mainly the snakes type mobile robot which is also the trademark (?) of our lab. Oh dear! For this day, we had to create 3 snake-like mobile robots. The creative part was done mainly by Mr. Matsuno(D3), and Mr.Matsumoto.(B4)

It was quite a hard work that requires preparation for about 3 months. (゚ロ゚😉
It was truly amazing work with this short span.
(゚ロ゚😉 (゚ロ゚😉

Thanks to that, high school students and their parents were highly interested in the robots made by us. We hope they understood the fun of making robots.

We are literally doing “making a robot from the beginning”. From the concept stage, we think over and over of the novelty and usefulness, and realize with full power when the plan is decided.
Especially in our lab, the concept is that each person will do these processes as voluntarily as possible.
The basic ability as an engineer obtained through these experiences will be a strong point of us in the future.
More than anything, the accomplishment of completing robots and systems by own hands and working it, that is something can’t really be experienced easily.
Those who are interested, please consider enrolling in Ritsumeikan university by all means.



Mr. Yamamoto(alumnus) was granted full exemption from JASSO scholarship!!

Mr. Yamamoto(alumnus) was granted full exemption from JASSO scholarship.

Comment: Ryohei Yamamoto
I have been elected as a full exemption from Japan Student Services Organization’s postgraduate scholarship. This is the result of my research achievement being evaluated, I am very pleased. Also, the results of the research are given by the guidance of many people including Prof. Ma. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Prof. Ma and members of Ma laboratory.

 What I was trying to do in my research was always to incorporate many opinions. The research we do is to give answers to things that no one yet knows the right answer. Since the advice of one person is not always right, we had to decide the direction to advance our research by gathering various opinions.

In the process, I had many opportunities to engage not only Japanese but also many international students and to publish my research outside the university. Through these experiences I was able to advance my research more efficiently, and I also gained confidence for me.

In research activities, we also have to decide on a purpose and means by ourselves. It has many difficulties, but surely the result tastes extra sweet after going through a tough time. The exemption from scholarship repayment is one of them. For those who go on to graduate school, I would like to encourage daily research activities by setting out the scholarship repayment exemption of this organization as one of the goals. Finally, I wish Ma lab will have many more successful years.Thank you very much for three years.

ICM2015@Nagoya, Japan


Ren Chao (D4) gave a presentation in ICM2015 (2015 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics) held at Nagoya, Japan, during 6th-8th March 2015. He received “Best Paper” in Robotics Section.


Ren Chao
Passivity based Model Free Control of an Omnidirectional Mobile Robot”


Bakazemi 2015 in Ishikawa Prefecture

Hello!! φ(*)♪
For the annual “Bakazemi”, we went to a Yashiro Onsen in Ishikawa prefecture on May 9th and 10th (3 hours by car)!!

So what is “baka-zemi”…(゚ペ)

The Bakazemi is a seminar that isn’t related to the usual research at all, pursue your favorite things stupidly(Baka) and present it in front of everyone.
Mr. Matsuno made high-quality CG as always, Mr. Yano put out two sounds from the throat at the same time and Mr. Kokubo changed his best friend’s photo collage to ASCII art. There were many interesting presentations this year.

These two people were chosen by prof. Ma for the Best Award.

DSC_5150Mr. Yamagami changed prof. Ma’s son to a brilliant rapper and Mr. Fabian presented his research on eating habits, which is often disordered in college students. Congratulations(*)/゚・:*

And in the evening, we enjoyed the luxurious Kaga cuisine which was carried by a beautiful landlady, outdoor hot spring bath, drinking alcohol and singing songs. Everyone had a great time. And I was able to see seniors who are different from usual. (^^*)/


IMG_8243And the next day. . . We went to a traditional craft village “Yunokuninomori” !!
Here you can experience various Japanese traditional crafts such as ceramic art, Yuzen dyeing and glass art. We enjoyed a workshop of soba(Japanese noodles). ((((o)o)))


IMG_8265Children also tried. They are so cute. (= V =)
After that, we enjoyed delicious soba made by us ♪

In the meantime Baka – zemi camp has ended.
It was a good opportunity to deepen our relationship.Thank you very much Mr. Yano the organizer , and alumni who came.

So goodbye for now!!  (^0^)/~~see you again!