Bakazemi 2015 in Ishikawa Prefecture

Hello!! φ(*)♪
For the annual “Bakazemi”, we went to a Yashiro Onsen in Ishikawa prefecture on May 9th and 10th (3 hours by car)!!

So what is “baka-zemi”…(゚ペ)

The Bakazemi is a seminar that isn’t related to the usual research at all, pursue your favorite things stupidly(Baka) and present it in front of everyone.
Mr. Matsuno made high-quality CG as always, Mr. Yano put out two sounds from the throat at the same time and Mr. Kokubo changed his best friend’s photo collage to ASCII art. There were many interesting presentations this year.

These two people were chosen by prof. Ma for the Best Award.

DSC_5150Mr. Yamagami changed prof. Ma’s son to a brilliant rapper and Mr. Fabian presented his research on eating habits, which is often disordered in college students. Congratulations(*)/゚・:*

And in the evening, we enjoyed the luxurious Kaga cuisine which was carried by a beautiful landlady, outdoor hot spring bath, drinking alcohol and singing songs. Everyone had a great time. And I was able to see seniors who are different from usual. (^^*)/


IMG_8243And the next day. . . We went to a traditional craft village “Yunokuninomori” !!
Here you can experience various Japanese traditional crafts such as ceramic art, Yuzen dyeing and glass art. We enjoyed a workshop of soba(Japanese noodles). ((((o)o)))


IMG_8265Children also tried. They are so cute. (= V =)
After that, we enjoyed delicious soba made by us ♪

In the meantime Baka – zemi camp has ended.
It was a good opportunity to deepen our relationship.Thank you very much Mr. Yano the organizer , and alumni who came.

So goodbye for now!!  (^0^)/~~see you again!