For the new fiscal year

Hello everyone!! We, B4 and M1 members, finished our presentation of graduation thesis on February 19 and it became an important turning point for us.
On that day, the member of B4 and M1 who got over the final barrier of the presentation went to the
all-you-can-eat BBQ!!

Never mind that big eaters happened to gather at the back of the seat. (lol)

For me, this was a very meaningful event to spend time with unique B4 members (the one who has a unique way of thinking, the one who goes with the flow, the one who is weak against stress, the one who never took a roast meat by himself,  the one who basically don’t say words but enjoying watching the surroundings and also the one who snatches other’s bacon away. )  Who? You want to know the names? That’s a secret.(lol)
There is one big event left for the new fiscal year! That is…….moving of the lab! The studens leaving the lab, remaining the lab, new participants, each one is busy preparing for the new fisical yearLet’s hope the lab will be clean and tidy.
Finally, I would like to pray for the development and prosperity of Ma lab. Let’s continue doing our very best ♪

Written by Kanno Ryou