Mr. Yamamoto(alumnus) was granted full exemption from JASSO scholarship!!

Mr. Yamamoto(alumnus) was granted full exemption from JASSO scholarship.

Comment: Ryohei Yamamoto
I have been elected as a full exemption from Japan Student Services Organization’s postgraduate scholarship. This is the result of my research achievement being evaluated, I am very pleased. Also, the results of the research are given by the guidance of many people including Prof. Ma. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Prof. Ma and members of Ma laboratory.

 What I was trying to do in my research was always to incorporate many opinions. The research we do is to give answers to things that no one yet knows the right answer. Since the advice of one person is not always right, we had to decide the direction to advance our research by gathering various opinions.

In the process, I had many opportunities to engage not only Japanese but also many international students and to publish my research outside the university. Through these experiences I was able to advance my research more efficiently, and I also gained confidence for me.

In research activities, we also have to decide on a purpose and means by ourselves. It has many difficulties, but surely the result tastes extra sweet after going through a tough time. The exemption from scholarship repayment is one of them. For those who go on to graduate school, I would like to encourage daily research activities by setting out the scholarship repayment exemption of this organization as one of the goals. Finally, I wish Ma lab will have many more successful years.Thank you very much for three years.