Yoshimichi Oka won the “NABEL” Award for ASTER poster presentation!

I am very delighted to receive this honorable award from NABEL Co.,Ltd. I greatly appreciate the support of the professors and my lab members. I got 400 eggs as a prize and I gave them to each person who had supported me to this day. I will make further efforts on my research and  continue to do my best.

IMG_5003 (2) IMG_3921

Lab Trial Program for lower grades

We had a lab trial program for lower grades on Aug 7th, 2021. We held it in a small group due to the current situation with COVID19. We introduced our lab mainly about research themes, seminars and activities we have and  the current information on job hunting. Then we explained the theory of the movement and structure  of robots and experienced control programming.

Below are comments from two students who participated in the program.

It was my first time to actually see a snake robot. To my surprise, the control system was simpler than I had imagined and tuning was difficult even for a robot with less parameters. I realized the importance of studying the theory  and that I should study harder in my major course now. I was a little bit relieved to know that I won’t have a full schedule after entering the lab. Information on job hunting was also very helpful. Another surprise was that every student had his or her own theme instead of the whole lab working on one big theme. I learned that it’s important to be interested in something particular so I will investigate what will be useful and valuable in the future.  Thank you.

I am not sure what sort of robot I want to build yet but in MaLab  you can study different types of robots  which is good for a student like me. I noticed that even if you could built a robot it is difficult to write the program to manipulate it properly. They explained to us not only about the research but the procedure to enter the lab and graduate school which was very helpul. Thank you.pic1pic2

If you’re interested in our lab please check our homepage for more updates.

“PIPE-KUN” appears in Asahi Newspaper

An article about “PIPE-KUN”, a pipe exploring robot was published in Asahi Newspaper. Bioinspired Intelligent Mechatronics Laboratory, Department of Robotics, Ritsumeikan University  provided technical support to KOEI Dream Works Co. Ltd. that developed “PIPE-KUN”.



Takumi Ito received Kiyukai Award !!

Hello everyone. My name is Takumi Ito. I am in my first year of graduate school. On March 22, commencement ceremony was held in Ritsumeikan University. I am glad it was held under the current situation with COVID19. Sometimes I had difficulty doing research without having face to face communication. I would like to thank Professor Ma, Assistant Professor Tian and members in my lab for supporting me with my graduation research and receive this honorable award. The situation will continue but let’s all do our best !

Lin YuehFeng received Kato Asao International Scholarship !!

It is a great honor for me to be given the  Kato Asao International Scholarship as an international student from Asia.  I would like to thank Professor Ma, Assistant Professor Tian and all other members in my lab for the support.  I am young and inexperienced but I will keep up the hard work on my research. Now that we are in the middle of COVID19, it is difficult to study face to face but I hope that we can help and encourage each other and do the best we can. WeChat-Image_20210427174426-1

Putting our lab’s technology to practical use. KOEI Dream Works, a manufacturer of robots, launches a service for its pipe exploration robot, “PIPE-KUN”.

KOEI Dream Works Co Ltd. has put into pratical use of the “Articulated Inspection Robot – AIRo”, developed by the Bioinspired Intelligent Mechatronics Laboratory, Department of Robotics, College of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University, and made it into a pipe exploration robot “Pipe-kun” in October 2020. The service has started in full swing from October 14th (Wed) (* quote from below).



Other Articles

弘栄ドリームワークス 立命館大学 生物知能機械学研究室が開発した配管内検査ロボット「AIRo」を実用化


A lab experience for lower-division students 2020!

We held a lab experience for lower-division students on October 29, 2020!

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the implementation was canceled in the previous semester. However, there were still students who applied, and although it was a little late, we were able to take it in this way  to prevent the infection ( in order to reduce the risk of virus, we take measures such as disinfection, ventilation, and the minimum number of people required).

We introduced our laboratory (main research topics, seminars, events, job hunting, etc.), explained the principle and mechanism of the snake-robot’s movement, and implementation of control programming. She asked a lot of questions, so we had a good time.


The followings are the impressions of Ms. Y who came to the laboratory experience.

“First of all, I would like to thank you for this opportunity to meet with you, even though the new coronavirus has prevented us from being able to hold face-to-face classes at the university. I had only a vague idea of what a laboratory was, so I was happy to get to know the atmosphere and characteristics of it. I hadn’t had much opportunity to interact with graduate students before, so I learned a lot from my seniors and it made me reconsider what I am doing now.

I also had an exciting time learning things about the content of the research that I didn’t know or could not understand from the leaflet alone. Throughout my studies and student life, I wanted to understand my own characteristics and use this experience to help me choose a laboratory. I would also like to make a clear choice about whether to go on to graduate school or find a job.”

If you are interested in joining a lab tour for the lower-division students, please see the information updated every year on the homepage of the Department of Robotics, Ritsumeikan University.


News about the best student paper from RCAR 2020 conference

From September 28 to 29, “2020 IEEE International Conference on Real-time Computing and Robotics (IEEE RCAR 2020) was held online. Mr. SUN Haonan (D2) from our lab gave a presentation with the following topic:

Haonan Sun, Yang Tian, Shugen Ma and Shuya Inoue, Evaluation of Energy Efficiency of an Eccentric Paddle Mechanism on Sandy Terrain

On the conference, Mr. SUN received several constructive and valuable comments from other researchers, which would definitely provide important references for further study. Fortunately, the submission also has been selected as the winner of the “Best Student Paper” award.

SUN best student 201012





ROBOMECH2020 was held from May 27th to 29th, 2020, and eight members from our laboratory have made poster presentations.

Due to COVID-19, this was the first time the event was held online. We used chatting and web conferencing services to present and communicate with each other while viewing the uploaded posters.

ROBOMECH has always been in a poster presentation style where the presenters can interact with each other actively, and the online session was no different. We had a very good experience with sharp questions and advices. In addition, the online form also had extra advantage that allowed us to view the posters easily, regardless of the location or exhibition time.

It was a pity that we were not able to post photos of ROBOMECH this year as we have done in previous years, because the event was not held onsite. However, we did feel the bustle of ROBOMECH even though it was held online.

Kanta Kato, M1

〇冨田拓基、田陽(発表者), 馬書根「光反射による錆教習データを用いた機械学習の錆検出性能評価」

〇柴田大地(発表者), 馬書根, 田陽, 加藤貫太 「ベルヌーイグリッパーのエネルギー損失要素の特定」

〇加藤貫太(発表者), 馬書根, 田陽, 柴田大地 「完全非接触な安定把持機構の検討」

〇Chengxiao Ding(発表者), Shugen Ma, Yang Tian 「Development of a Tiny and Lightweight 3D Measurement Device」


〇勝間洋平(発表者), 馬書根, 加古川篤「バイナリ制御を用いたヘビ型ロボットの高効率な運動の検討」

〇小川恭平, 加古川篤(発表者),川村貞夫,馬書根「ロボット用せん断支持型高分子弾性要素の機械特性」

〇櫛谷侑太郎(発表者), 馬書根,加古川篤「1自由度能動関節のみを用いた連結車輪型管内移動ロボットの T 字管走行」

Withdraw from SXSW 2020 over coronavirus concerns

We are regret to inform that we decided to cancel the SXSW 2020 due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Students’ safety is the top priority for us. The planned demonstrations of our pipeline inspection robots have been all canceled.