2022 Lab trial program for lower grades


We held Ma Lab Trial Program for first grade students on July 27th and three students joined the program. We introduced our lab’s research, seminars, activities and information on job hunting. Then we explained the structures and movements of snake robots and manipulated them.

Below is a comment from a student who joined the program:

I learned how important mathematics and physics are!!  One small change in numerical data could change the robots’ movement which taught me that you need to examine over and over again in order to find the best value. I also found out that when one part of the snake robot is broken, all you need to do is replace that part and it will manipulate properly. I realized that there are different types of robots that play an important role in society. I hope that one day I can make a robot that would support our lives.

This program is held every year in summer. If you are interested please check Ritsumeikan Robotics webpage for details.