Professor Frank C Park’s Special Lecture at BKC Campus

Special lecture by Professor Frank C Park (IEEE RAS President/Professor at Seoul National University) was held at BKC Campus on February 2nd. The title was “Robot Models in the Age of Machine Learning”.
Below is a comment from Mr. LIU Zaiyang(Doctoral student).

Thank you  very much for Prof. Park’s amazing presentation. I learned a lot from this lecture. Firstly, I realized the limitations of the traditional robot model based on kinematics and dynamics. I used to view the two independent problems as being “solved”, but this is far from the case, especially if a robot has a high degree of freedom and the measurements are noisy. Secondly, I know about the underlying geometric properties of robots and the significance of machine learning. This lecture broadened my horizons and made me realize my lack of knowledge. I will continue to work hard to make up for my shortcomings.






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