ROBOMECH2022 in Sapporo

Hello,  I am Chihiro Hirose an M1 student in Ma lab.

ROBOMECH2022 was held in Sapporo Convention Center in Hokkaido from June1st to June 4th .  Four M1 students from our lab participated.

Hokkaido in June was still very cold that one of us had to buy a jacket. This was my first visit to Hokkaido. We ate so many delicious food like jingiskan(lamb meat), Sapporo ramen and lots of seafood.

The theme of the conference was “Path to the New Normal Era for Robotics and Mechatronics”. It was a poster session where each of us stood in front of the poster and gave presentation. For all four of us this was our first poster presentation.

What I learned from this experience is the importance of summarizing the points. It was an hour and a half session but time passed so fast because I had to explain to so many people. It was a great opportunity to experience different type of presentation from what we usually do. Moreover we communicated with other university students and broadened our minds.

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