Mr. Katsuma and Mr. Oka Awarded!

Our lab members Mr. Katsuma and Mr. Oka have been working on the research of snake robot and pipe robot separately. Recently, they were awarded with high evaluations.

To be specifically, Mr. Katsuma (M1) was awarded by The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME).


And Mr. Oka (D1) received the JASSO scholarship. For the details, please refer to the Japanese web page.


Visitors from Hebei University of Technology

On July 6th, Prof. Shijie Guo and Assistant Prof. Jixiao Liu from Hebei University of Technology visited our laboratory. After we introduced our research, Prof. Guo also gave a detailed introduction about their current research on rehabilitation robot.





Communication Seminar with Shanghai University

The communication seminar between Department of Robotics, Ritsumeikan University and Robot Research Institute, Shanghai University was held in BKC on July 2nd. It aims to promote the cooperation on robotics research between two universities.

Prof. Kawamura (Ritsumeikan University), Prof. Yuan (Shanghai University), Prof. Ren (Tianjing University), and Prof. Sun (Shanghai University) gave speeches on current robotics research. To be mentioned, Prof. Ren and Prof. Sun graduated from our laboratory several years ago.


Baka Zemi 2019 in Takashima

Annual Baka Zemi was successfully held on June 22 and 23 in Makino Kogen, Shiga! The Baka means crazy, unusual and … WOW! The whole project was planned by the students and all the lab members joined it.

baka-seminar_190628_0201 (2)

Specifically, it includes sightseeing, presentation, BBQ, spring, night talk, and games! In a word, it is quite amazing and lots of fun. You get the chance to see the other sides of your lab mates. And we drink and talk. Professors also joint us.



baka-seminar_190628_0030 (2)


In the presentation section, four students won the prizes from Prof. Ma and Assistant Prof. Tian.

baka-seminar_190628_0146 (2)

Oka from D1 with the title “工具貸し借り記録システムの開発”


Tomi from M2 with “実録ドキュメント ロストフード 忽然と消えた食品達”

baka-seminar_190628_0299 (2)

Taida (Boy!!!) from B4 with “理想の女の子とは?”

baka-seminar_190628_0205 (2)

Miyahara from B4 with “さわやか目覚まし」の提案”

Aster Forum 2019

The Aster Forum 2019 was held on June 6th in Biwako Prince Hotel. This forum is hosted by the Ritsumeikan Aster Association, aiming to promote the research communication among companies, professors and students. Almost 250 attendees joined together this year.

Three members in our lab joint the forum and gave the poster presentation. The presented research titles are listed below:


岡 義倫 D1


枌原 弘樹 M2


川端 泰平 M2







ROBOMECH 2019 in Hiroshima

The 2019 JSME Robotics and Mechatronics Conference was held from June 5th to June 8th in Hiroshima. This year the theme of the conference was “Robotics and Mechatronics Revive The Industries “.

Six members in our lab wrote the papers and joined the conference. The presentation was going on in the form of poster. The presented research titles are listed below:


〇仇哲(presenter)、小澤隆太、馬書根 「A virtual power-based collision detection approach with adaptive contact force estimation」

〇柴田大地(presenter)、馬書根、加古川篤 「ベルヌーイの原理を利用した非接触水中壁面吸着機構の吸着力のモデル構築」

〇世良文哉(presenter)、加古川篤、馬書根 「8 インチガス管内検査ロボットの曲管走行のための関節角度制御」

〇沈雅怡(presenter)、馬書根、加古川篤、田陽、張国騰、井上脩也 「水中における偏心パドル機構の新たな水泳方法の提案」

〇海津祐貴、加古川篤(presenter)、馬書根 「把持と引き上げが可能な空気圧グリッパーの開発」

〇張国騰、田陽(presenter)、馬書根、加古川篤 「Control System Design for the Quadruped Walking Platform TITAN-VIII」








Invited speech (Xiang LI from CUHK)

Today (2019.5.23), Assistant Prof. Xiang Li from Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) visited our campus, and gave a speech on “Regional Feedback Control of  Robot and Its Applications”.

After the speech, we introduced various developed robots in our laboratory. Assistant Prof. Li had a good conversation with the lab members.


Visit from Chinese and Japanese companies (Dongguan, Chemi-Con, RYOSAN)

On April 16th, personnel from the Dongguan Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association (China) , Chemi-Con Corporation (Japan) and RYOSAN Corporation (Japan) visited our laboratory. Current research were introduced by Mr. Shen (D3) and Assistant Prof. Tian. Prof. Ma and Lecturer Kakogawa joined the meeting.