Baka Seminar

Hello everyone !

We had Baka seminar last month on May 28th.

In Baka (which means silly or foolish) seminar, you do a research on something you care about in your daily life that has nothing to do with your study and give presentation.  Before Covid19 we would have BBQ and stay overnight but this year we held it hybrid both at school and online.

The best presentation was Mr.Murata(M1)’s “electronic board name card” ! He made an electronic board name card and programmed it so that you can see a pot pouring coffee (appears in LED light) in a cup ! (He actually works at a coffee shop)

There were other really interesting researches that students prepared in a short period of time. Thanks to a graduate student who participated via zoom and gave us comments.

Hopefully we will be able to visit somewhere next year and have more time to communicate with each other!!


Multi-legged robot is featured on the cover of a journal “Biomimetic Intelligence and Robotics”

Former Malab graduate student Yongchen Tang (completed doctoral course in 2019)’s paper was published in a journal “Biomimetic Intelligence and Robotics”.

Undulatory gait planning method of multi-legged robot with passive-spine

Yongchen Tang, Guoteng Zhang, Dingxin Ge, Chao Ren, Shugen Ma

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Professor Ma interviewed by “Beijing Research Center for Science of Science”

In December, Professor Ma was interviewed by Wechat official account “Beijing Research Center for Science of Science” in China. His interview is now published on the internet.

“In the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, researchers should focus more on cutting-edge technology research”

Yuefeng Lin won the “YOKOI” Award for ASTER poster presentation !

I am very honored to receive the YOKOI MANUFACTURING LTD.award. I would like to thank Prof. Ma, Prof. Tian and members of MaLab. At the online award ceremony, CEO Mr.Yokoi gave me advice on working for a Japanese company. I will keep them in my mind and do my best as a new member of the company.

IMG_E4138 aster_lin





Yoshimichi Oka won the “NABEL” Award for ASTER poster presentation!

I am very delighted to receive this honorable award from NABEL Co.,Ltd. I greatly appreciate the support of the professors and my lab members. I got 400 eggs as a prize and I gave them to each person who had supported me to this day. I will make further efforts on my research and  continue to do my best.

IMG_5003 (2) IMG_3921

Lab Trial Program for lower grades

We had a lab trial program for lower grades on Aug 7th, 2021. We held it in a small group due to the current situation with COVID19. We introduced our lab mainly about research themes, seminars and activities we have and  the current information on job hunting. Then we explained the theory of the movement and structure  of robots and experienced control programming.

Below are comments from two students who participated in the program.

It was my first time to actually see a snake robot. To my surprise, the control system was simpler than I had imagined and tuning was difficult even for a robot with less parameters. I realized the importance of studying the theory  and that I should study harder in my major course now. I was a little bit relieved to know that I won’t have a full schedule after entering the lab. Information on job hunting was also very helpful. Another surprise was that every student had his or her own theme instead of the whole lab working on one big theme. I learned that it’s important to be interested in something particular so I will investigate what will be useful and valuable in the future.  Thank you.

I am not sure what sort of robot I want to build yet but in MaLab  you can study different types of robots  which is good for a student like me. I noticed that even if you could built a robot it is difficult to write the program to manipulate it properly. They explained to us not only about the research but the procedure to enter the lab and graduate school which was very helpul. Thank you.pic1pic2

If you’re interested in our lab please check our homepage for more updates.

“PIPE-KUN” appears in Asahi Newspaper

An article about “PIPE-KUN”, a pipe exploring robot was published in Asahi Newspaper. Bioinspired Intelligent Mechatronics Laboratory, Department of Robotics, Ritsumeikan University  provided technical support to KOEI Dream Works Co. Ltd. that developed “PIPE-KUN”.