Baka Seminar

Hello everyone !

We had Baka seminar last month on May 28th.

In Baka (which means silly or foolish) seminar, you do a research on something you care about in your daily life that has nothing to do with your study and give presentation.  Before Covid19 we would have BBQ and stay overnight but this year we held it hybrid both at school and online.

The best presentation was Mr.Murata(M1)’s “electronic board name card” ! He made an electronic board name card and programmed it so that you can see a pot pouring coffee (appears in LED light) in a cup ! (He actually works at a coffee shop)

There were other really interesting researches that students prepared in a short period of time. Thanks to a graduate student who participated via zoom and gave us comments.

Hopefully we will be able to visit somewhere next year and have more time to communicate with each other!!