Robocon 2017 and Graduation ceremony

Hello, everyone!!
My name is Oka, a new M1 student. This is my first post.
After the submission of the thesis of the graduation, we held Robocon 2017 with new 4th graders (B4)  who will join our lab in the next year!

Rules of the competition are the same as before, the B4 students are divided into several teams. After rewriting the program of the snake-like robot by themselves, the competition will be carried out to choose a fastest robot! However, one point is extremely different with last year . . .

That is … the  COURSE becomes LONGER and  WIDER.

The course is a corridor from the front of our lab to prof. MA’s office.Since the course is long, they need to rewrite the program to predict the time of turning. I think this work is very difficult to be timed in such a short time.
Also, the rule is pretty hard and if the robot touches the wall several times, it has to start over from the starting point. However, the B4 students analyzed together and challenged many times within the given time.
This serious discussion was quite good…Wish they can success.
The team of Mr. Kawabata, Mr. Tomita and Mr. Yamashita wonderfully won the championship!! They quickly understood the programming of the robot!
A gold medal built by Ritsumeikan University was presented to the winning team. Whether it is genuine or not, please referring to last year’s article…
In the future, I hope everyone can do the research seriously and cooperately like this time.
See you next time.

Thanks to everyone who helped us, we were able to graduate on time.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the professors , our seniors, colleagues and our families
file1M2 students

fileB4 students