Guests from Shanghai Jiao Tong University

International students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University came to our lab as a part of a study abroad program. They took not only a tour but also a seminar on a practical training course.(Introduction of Biologically-inspired Robot- Snake – like Robot) In the seminar they learned by moving a snake-like robot which is a trademark of our lab.



They tried to move the snake-like robot. Although the program was described at a minimum, the movement of the snake-like robot steadily changed like an actual snake. (everyone was excellent!)



Let’s move the mobile robot in a wide space!
A competition started at a corridor.(Sorry about the loud noise. m(__)m)


Even if there were obstacles, the robot avoided or collided, and managed to proceed.


The team which could do almost one round won the championship. We hope they were interested in snake-like robots in this experience.