M2 Kenya Murata won the NABEL prize at ASTER FORUM 2023

Seven students from our lab attended Aster Forum 2023 held at Biwako Prince Hotel on June 9th. After the presentation, we had substantive discussions and established connections with other students, researchers and companies. Among the three prizes awarded by the sponsoring companies, M2 Kenya Murata won the  NABEL prize.

〈Mr.Murata’s comment 〉

I am delighted to have been awarded this prestigious prize. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the professors and lab members who provided guidance and support throughout my research. Additionally, I am grateful to the company for presenting me with a remarkable gift of 200 eggs and 12,000yen egg ticket ! I will keep on doing my best !IMG_5768IMG_5770PXL_20230609_104413075_new