Having face-to-face Baka Seminar

Hello everyone !

We had “Baka seminar” (baka means foolish) last Saturday, May27th at BKC campus.

This is Ma lab’s original event where each of us choose our own topic and do research (can be anything foolish) and give presentation. The best awards were given to M2 Ms.Shreni and B4 Mr.Asakura.  Congratulations!!

Finally, after the long COVID restrictions, we were able to get together and enjoy the party.

Graduates joined us and we had a great time in the wonderful weather outside.















The President of Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology visited our lab

On May12th, the President of Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology paid a visit to our lab and attentively listened to the research reports presented by the students. He asked insightful questions, gave constructive feedback, and engaged in friendly discussions with professors and students. We also introduced him to our laboratory’s research projects, including many robots that left him impressed and highly interested. He expressed his desire to see more collaboration and exchange between Egyptian and local students, so that we can conduct joint research projects together.