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Welcome to BioInMech Lab

Primary research interests in Bioinspired Intelligent Mechatronics Laboratory (BioInMech Lab) include control of biologically inspired robots, design of robot mechanisms, and exploration of environment-adaptive design methodologies for search and rescue tasks. To confer the advantages of natural systems to robotic machines, we have continuously performed studies of biological systems at bio-mechanical level and deploy this knowledge to develop biologically inspired robots and environment-adaptive machines.

Latest News [all]

Sep 24, 2021:Lab Trial Program for lower grades

We had a lab trial program for lower grades on Aug 7th, 2021. We held it in a small group due to the current situation w Read more

Sep 14, 2021:“PIPE-KUN” appears in Asahi Newspaper

An article about “PIPE-KUN”, a pipe exploring robot was published in Asahi Newspaper. Bioinspired Intelligen Read more

Sep 14, 2021:Takumi Ito received Kiyukai Award !!

Hello everyone. My name is Takumi Ito. I am in my first year of graduate school. On March 22, commencement ceremony was Read more

Sep 14, 2021:Lin YuehFeng received Kato Asao International Scholarship !!

I am very happy to receive Kato Asao International Scholarship as an international student from Asia.  I would like to t Read more

Dec 4, 2020:Putting our lab’s technology to practical use. KOEI Dream Works, a manufacturer of robots, launches a service for its pipe exploration robot, “PIPE-KUN”.

KOEI Dream Works Co Ltd. has put into pratical use of the “Articulated Inspection Robot – AIRo”, devel Read more