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Welcome to BioInMech Lab

Primary research interests in Bioinspired Intelligent Mechatronics Laboratory (BioInMech Lab) include control of biologically inspired robots, design of robot mechanisms, and exploration of environment-adaptive design methodologies for search and rescue tasks. To confer the advantages of natural systems to robotic machines, we have continuously performed studies of biological systems at bio-mechanical level and deploy this knowledge to develop biologically inspired robots and environment-adaptive machines.

Latest News [all]

Sep 22, 2023:RSJ2023 was held at Sendai International Center

RSJ2023 was held at Sendai International Center on September 11-14th. Two students gave presentations from our lab. Als Read more

Aug 23, 2023:Open Campus 2023

On August 5th, we hosted Open Campus 2023 at the BKC campus, where a total of 90 high school students paid a visit to ou Read more

Jul 19, 2023:ROBOMECH2023 in Nagoya

ROBOMECH2023 took place in Nagoya from June 28th to July 1st. Seven students from our lab attended the conference, and f Read more

Jun 16, 2023:M2 Kenya Murata won the NABEL prize at ASTER FORUM 2023

Seven students from our lab attended Aster Forum 2023 held at Biwako Prince Hotel on June 9th. After the presentation, w Read more