Insect collection partⅡ!!@ BKC campus

Continuing from last year, we collected beetles and stag beetles this year!
Our university campus of the laboratory has rich forests, so we can find many insects every year. We began with previewing at 17 o’clock and took insects until 5 o’clock the following morning.(lol)

The 4 members of the laboratory including alumni took insects while being bitten by a large number of mosquitoes.




The results are these.(GREAT EXCITMENT !!) ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓


11 beetles, 1 stag beetle, 1 gigantic longicorn beetle and 1 frog etc!


The size of this beetle is about 8 cm!



This frog seems to be a very rare frog designated as an associate endangered species!



Please check the very impressive flapping of the beetle. (slow motion)


Unfortunately for the stag beetle, we could only discover about 4cm in size. We would like to try again soon.

And we were able to feel summer early in Shiga where the rainy season was just over.

We are looking forward to doing this next year.