Having face-to-face Baka Seminar

Hello everyone !

We had “Baka seminar” (baka means foolish) last Saturday, May27th at BKC campus.

This is Ma lab’s original event where each of us choose our own topic and do research (can be anything foolish) and give presentation. The best awards were given to M2 Ms.Shreni and B4 Mr.Asakura.  Congratulations!!

Finally, after the long COVID restrictions, we were able to get together and enjoy the party.

Graduates joined us and we had a great time in the wonderful weather outside.















The President of Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology visited our lab

On May12th, the President of Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology paid a visit to our lab and attentively listened to the research reports presented by the students. He asked insightful questions, gave constructive feedback, and engaged in friendly discussions with professors and students. We also introduced him to our laboratory’s research projects, including many robots that left him impressed and highly interested. He expressed his desire to see more collaboration and exchange between Egyptian and local students, so that we can conduct joint research projects together.


Prof. Jianjun Yuan and FAIR company visited our university

On April 5,  2023,  Prof. Jianjun Yuan and experts of FAIR Robotics came to our university. Firstly, they shared the arm robots designed by their company.  FAIR is committed to providing the industry with convenient intelligent robot system solutions. After the lecture, they visited our laboratory, and had in-depth exchanges after the introduction of the research activities in our laboratory.S__2588679_2S__2588702_S__2588704_2

Prof. Zhang from National University of Singapore visited our university

On February 24, 2023, Prof. Hongying Zhang and her student from National University of Singapore visited our university and gave us a lecture about the Design, Modeling, and Fabrication of Origami and Soft Robots. After the lecture, they visited our lab, and we had in-depth exchanges after the introduction of the research activities in our lab.


Professor Frank C Park’s Special Lecture at BKC Campus

Special lecture by Professor Frank C Park (IEEE RAS President/Professor at Seoul National University) was held at BKC Campus on February 2nd. The title was “Robot Models in the Age of Machine Learning”.
Below is a comment from Mr. LIU Zaiyang(Doctoral student).

Thank you  very much for Prof. Park’s amazing presentation. I learned a lot from this lecture. Firstly, I realized the limitations of the traditional robot model based on kinematics and dynamics. I used to view the two independent problems as being “solved”, but this is far from the case, especially if a robot has a high degree of freedom and the measurements are noisy. Secondly, I know about the underlying geometric properties of robots and the significance of machine learning. This lecture broadened my horizons and made me realize my lack of knowledge. I will continue to work hard to make up for my shortcomings.






IEEE Robotics and Automation Society






















IROS2022 Kyoto

The 2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2022) chaired by Professor Ma was successfully held on October 23–27, 2022 at The Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto. The theme of IROS 2022 was “Embodied AI for a Symbiotic Society’’. Over 3800 on-site participants (along with 873 online participants) from all over the world attended the conference more than half of whom were young researchers and students. We believe that IROS2022 will have a great impact on their future research!

1Prof. Malab_membersProf. Tian

RSJ2022 at Tokyo University

40th RSJ2022 was held at Tokyo University from September 5th-9th. Six students from our laboratory gave presentation. The conference was divided into various thematic sessions. Through the sessions  that were close to our research, we noticed our strength and weaknesses. I strongly felt that I need to improve my ability to think logically and sharpen my presentation skill. This was my first presentation at a conference and a great experience for my future studies.


2022 Lab trial program for lower grades


We held Ma Lab Trial Program for first grade students on July 27th and three students joined the program. We introduced our lab’s research, seminars, activities and information on job hunting. Then we explained the structures and movements of snake robots and manipulated them.

Below is a comment from a student who joined the program:

I learned how important mathematics and physics are!!  One small change in numerical data could change the robots’ movement which taught me that you need to examine over and over again in order to find the best value. I also found out that when one part of the snake robot is broken, all you need to do is replace that part and it will manipulate properly. I realized that there are different types of robots that play an important role in society. I hope that one day I can make a robot that would support our lives.

This program is held every year in summer. If you are interested please check Ritsumeikan Robotics webpage for details.