Lab Trial Program for lower grades

We had a lab trial program for lower grades on Aug 7th, 2021. We held it in a small group due to the current situation with COVID19. We introduced our lab mainly about research themes, seminars and activities we have and  the current information on job hunting. Then we explained the theory of the movement and structure  of robots and experienced control programming.

Below are comments from two students who participated in the program.

It was my first time to actually see a snake robot. To my surprise, the control system was simpler than I imagined and tuning was difficult even for a robot with less parameters. I understood the importance of studying theory  and that I should study harder in my course now. I was a little bit relieved to know that I won’t have a full schedule after entering the lab. Information on job hunting was also very helpful. Another surprise was that every student had his or her own theme instead of the whole lab working on one big theme. I learned that it’s important to be interested in something particular so I will investigate what will be useful and valuable in the future.  Thank you.

I am not sure what sort of robot I want to build yet but in MaLab  you can study different types of robots  which is good for a student like me. I noticed that even if you could built a robot it is difficult to write the program to manipulate it properly. They explained to us not only about the research but the procedure to enter the lab and graduate school which was very helpul. Thank you.pic1pic2

If you’re interested in our lab please check our homepage for more updates.

“PIPE-KUN” appears in Asahi Newspaper

An article about “PIPE-KUN”, a pipe exploring robot was published in Asahi Newspaper. Bioinspired Intelligent Mechatronics Laboratory, Department of Robotics, Ritsumeikan University  provided technical support to KOEI Dream Works Co. Ltd. that developed “PIPE-KUN”.


Takumi Ito received Kiyukai Award !!

Hello everyone. My name is Takumi Ito. I am in my first year of graduate school. On March 22, commencement ceremony was held in Ritsumeikan University. I am glad it was held under the current situation of COVID19. Sometimes I had difficulty doing research without having face to face communication. I would like to thank Professor Ma, Assistant Professor Tian and members in my lab for supporting me with my graduation research and receive this honorable award. The situation will continue but let’s all do our best !

Lin YuehFeng received Kato Asao International Scholarship !!

I am very happy to receive Kato Asao International Scholarship as an international student from Asia.  I would like to thank Professor Ma, Assistant Professor Tian and all other members in my lab for the support.  I am young and inexperienced but I will keep up the hard work on my research. Now that we are in the middle of COVID19, it is difficult to study face to face but I hope that we can help and encourage each other and do the best we can. WeChat-Image_20210427174426-1

B3 Welcome Party & Year-end Party

Nice to meet you, I am Okuyama from B4.

It is time for this year’s B3 Welcome Party and the Year-end Party.

We have a lot of B3 students came this year and I enjoyed taking with them.

International students are assigned to our lab every year, so we will be an international laboratory!

There are only the paper submission and interim presentation left, so let’s do our best until the end!

B3 students will have several chances to meet together during the spring break, besides, please feel free to come to the laboratory on other days.

Finally, here is a group photo of all.

ROBOMECH 2019 in Hiroshima

The 2019 JSME Robotics and Mechatronics Conference was held from June 5th to June 8th in Hiroshima. This year the theme of the conference was “Robotics and Mechatronics Revive The Industries “.

Six members in our lab wrote the papers and joined the conference. The presentation was going on in the form of poster. The presented research titles are listed below:


〇仇哲(presenter)、小澤隆太、馬書根 「A virtual power-based collision detection approach with adaptive contact force estimation」

〇柴田大地(presenter)、馬書根、加古川篤 「ベルヌーイの原理を利用した非接触水中壁面吸着機構の吸着力のモデル構築」

〇世良文哉(presenter)、加古川篤、馬書根 「8 インチガス管内検査ロボットの曲管走行のための関節角度制御」

〇沈雅怡(presenter)、馬書根、加古川篤、田陽、張国騰、井上脩也 「水中における偏心パドル機構の新たな水泳方法の提案」

〇海津祐貴、加古川篤(presenter)、馬書根 「把持と引き上げが可能な空気圧グリッパーの開発」

〇張国騰、田陽(presenter)、馬書根、加古川篤 「Control System Design for the Quadruped Walking Platform TITAN-VIII」








IROS 2018 @ Madrid

Prof. Kakogawa, Mr. Zhang (PD) and Mr. Oka (M2) gave presentations in IROS 2018 (The 2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems) held in Madrid, Spain during 1st-5th October 2018.

  • Atsushi Kakogawa and Shugen Ma, Differential Elastic Joint for Multi-linked Pipeline Inspection Robots, IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018), pp. 949-954, 2018, Madrid, Spain.
  • Guoteng Zhang, Shugen Ma, Felix Liang and Yibin Li, Quadruped Locomotion Control Based on Two Bipeds Jointly Carrying Model, IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018), pp. 1732-1738, 2018, Madrid, Spain.
  • Guoteng Zhang, Shugen Ma and Yibin Li, Nonprehensile Pushing Manipulation Strategies for a Multi-limb Robot, IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018), pp. 6634-6639, 2018, Madrid, Spain.
  • Guoteng Zhang, Shugen Ma and Yibin Li, Dynamic Modelling and Motion Planning for the Nonprehensile Manipulation and Locomotion Tasks of the Quadruped Robot, IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018), pp. 8013-8018, 2018, Madrid, Spain.
  • Yoshimichi Oka, Atsushi Kakogawa and Shugen Ma, Development of a Multilink-articulated Wheeled In-pipe Robot with Differential Mechanisms in Wheel and Link Axes, IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018), pp. 973-978, 2018, Madrid, Spain.

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Invited speech (Robotics Research Center)

On 26th July, Robotics Research Center held two invited speeches. Professor C.S. George Lee from Purdue University  (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Professor Yunhui Liu from The Chinese University of Hong Kong gave speeches about Robotics. Before the speech, they visited our laboratory. Professor C.S. George Lee, Professor Yunhui Liu and Professor Ma also visited Kyoto International Conference Center together on 25th July.








The title of the speech:

  • Professor C.S. George Lee (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University)

What Can a Humanoid Robot Do?

  • Professor Yunhui Liu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Manipulation Control of Soft Objects for Automated Robotic Surgery


Prof. Shugen Ma has been selected as the ambassador of Japan MICE

Prof. Ma has been selected as a new conference ambassador to join the team of Japan MICE Ambassadors from 2018.

The Japan MICE Ambassador programme was established in 2013 with the aim of raising Japan’s profile as a destination for conferences and events. Japan MICE Ambassadors are academics and business professionals offering expertise in their respective fields. They act as the face of the nation, contributing to publicity efforts and helping to attract more international conferences to Japan. Over the five years of this programme, 55 well-respected ambassadors have been selected to represent Japan.




ROBOMECH 2018 was held in KITAKYUSHU during 2nd-5th June 2018.Seven members from our laboratory gave presentations.







Yayi Shen, Shugen Ma, Hiroki Tomita, Guoteng Zhang,Yang Tian, Atsushi Kakogawa

“Development of a Multi-terrestrial Robot with Eccentric Paddle Mechanism”


Takatomo Otsuka, Shuya Inoue, Jie Ma, Atsushi Kakogawa, Shugen Ma

“Development of a Helical Pole Climbing Robot with Underactuated Tendon-driven Arms”


Guoteng Zhang, Taihei Kawabata, Shugen Ma, Atsushi Kakogawa

“Development of a Caterpillar Robot Actuated by Dielectric Elastomer Actuators”


Naoki Otani, Atsushi Kakogawa, Shugen Ma, Yang Tian

“Experimental Study on an Out-pipe Robot with Series Elastic Gripping Mechanism for Adaptation to Steps and Curved Pipes”


Atsushi kakogawa, Yuki Komurasaki, Shugen Ma

“Autonomous Elbow-pipe Steering System for Pipeline Inspection Robots based on Shadow Images”

2nd Report:Improvement of the Shadow Recognition and Experiment in a Continuous Elbow Pipeline


Yang Tian, Pinhan Huang, Shugen Ma

“Pipe-Recognition using a Monocular Camera for Pipe Tracking”