RSJ2023 was held at Sendai International Center

RSJ2023 was held at Sendai International Center on September 11-14th. Two students gave presentations from our lab. Also Professor Ma received an award and a medal in recognition of his achievements as the General Chair of IROS2022 for his efforts in organizing a hybrid conference.
Below are the comments from our students.

I had the opportunity to listen to presentations by other researchers which provided me with valuable inspiration. In a session I personally found interesting, they passed around samples of their mechanisms  to make it easier for the audience to understand visually. It is important to deepen our research and also to communicate effectively with others. (M2 Ohira)

After my own presentation, I received suggestions from other researchers for improving the robot. Additionally, I learned how to explain my own research to people who have no prior knowledge of it. Moreover, by listening to presentations by other students, I was inspired and able to boost my motivation for further research. (M2 Jitsukawa)



Open Campus 2023

On August 5th, we hosted Open Campus 2023 at the BKC campus, where a total of 90 high school students paid a visit to our lab. Visitors were organized into five groups and the members of our lab presented their research initiatives. It was a valuable experience for us, and we hope the visitors enjoyed learning about our research.



ROBOMECH2023 in Nagoya

ROBOMECH2023 took place in Nagoya from June 28th to July 1st. Seven students from our lab attended the conference, and for many of us, it was the first time doing poster presentations. Although it was raining on our way there, upon arrival, we were greeted with perfect weather. The theme of the conference was “Robotics and Mechatronics for the New Age” providing a remarkable opportunity for many of us to engage in our inaugural poster presentations. Overall, it proved to be a professionally rewarding experience.


M2 Kenya Murata won the NABEL prize at ASTER FORUM 2023

Seven students from our lab attended Aster Forum 2023 held at Biwako Prince Hotel on June 9th. After the presentation, we had substantive discussions and established connections with other students, researchers and companies. Among the three prizes awarded by the sponsoring companies, M2 Kenya Murata won the  NABEL prize.

〈Mr.Murata’s comment 〉

I am delighted to have been awarded this prestigious prize. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the professors and lab members who provided guidance and support throughout my research. Additionally, I am grateful to the company for presenting me with a remarkable gift of 200 eggs and 12,000yen egg ticket ! I will keep on doing my best !IMG_5768IMG_5770PXL_20230609_104413075_new

Having face-to-face Baka Seminar

Hello everyone !

We had “Baka seminar” (baka means foolish) last Saturday, May27th at BKC campus.

This is Ma lab’s original event where each of us choose our own topic and do research (can be anything foolish) and give presentation. The best awards were given to M2 Ms.Shreni and B4 Mr.Asakura.  Congratulations!!

Finally, after the long COVID restrictions, we were able to get together and enjoy the party.

Graduates joined us and we had a great time in the wonderful weather outside.















The President of Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology visited our lab

On May12th, the President of Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology paid a visit to our lab and attentively listened to the research reports presented by the students. He asked insightful questions, gave constructive feedback, and engaged in friendly discussions with professors and students. We also introduced him to our laboratory’s research projects, including many robots that left him impressed and highly interested. He expressed his desire to see more collaboration and exchange between Egyptian and local students, so that we can conduct joint research projects together.


Prof. Jianjun Yuan and FAIR company visited our university

On April 5,  2023,  Prof. Jianjun Yuan and experts of FAIR Robotics came to our university. Firstly, they shared the arm robots designed by their company.  FAIR is committed to providing the industry with convenient intelligent robot system solutions. After the lecture, they visited our laboratory, and had in-depth exchanges after the introduction of the research activities in our laboratory.S__2588679_2S__2588702_S__2588704_2

Prof. Zhang from National University of Singapore visited our university

On February 24, 2023, Prof. Hongying Zhang and her student from National University of Singapore visited our university and gave us a lecture about the Design, Modeling, and Fabrication of Origami and Soft Robots. After the lecture, they visited our lab, and we had in-depth exchanges after the introduction of the research activities in our lab.