ROBOMEC2013 in Tsukuba

ROBOMEC 2013 was held in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Pref. from May 22 to 25. Sun (D4), Yang (D2), T. Nishimura (M2), Matsuno (M2), and Huan (M1) presented in the poster session. And T. Nishimura was selected as JSME young excellence fellow award at ROBOMEC 2012.

  • 楊揚、馬書根、孫翊、「水陸両用ロボットの軟弱地盤における運動性能の検証実験」
  • 西村太貴、加古川篤、馬書根、「経路選択可能な螺旋駆動型管内移動ロボットの機構改良」
  • 松野孝博、馬書根、「壁面移動のための受動吸盤の開発」
  • Yi Sun, Siyu Huang, Yang Yang, Shugen Ma, “Improved Design of a Prototype Module for a Novel Eccentric Paddle Mechanism”
  • Yi Sun, Shugen Ma, “An Oscillating Paddling Gait for an ePaddle Hybrid Locomotion Mechanism”

ICRA2013 in Karlsruhe, Germany

2013 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2013) was held in Karlsruhe, Germany from May 6th to 10th.

Mr. Yang (D2), Mr. Matsuno (M2) made presentations about their researches.

  • Yang Yang, Paddle Trajectory Generation for Accessing Soft Terrain by an Epaddle Locomotion Mechanism
  • Takahiro Matsuno, Development of a Suction Cup with a Disc Spring
  • Huayan Pu, Modeling of the Oscillating-Paddling Gait for an Epaddle Locomotion Mechanism

Bakasemi 2013 (Camp) @ Fukui

On April 27-28, we have a camp and Bakasemi at Rokuroshi-hiland in Fukui Pref.. Bakasemi is the seminar that we compete how we can propose seriously about funny stuff. This year, Prof. Hirose who is the emeritus professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology also joined. Second day, we made ice creams by ourselves.


Advanced Mechatronics Workshop

We organized Advanced Mechatronics Workshop on March 22. Dr. Quan from Harbin Institute of Technology, Dr. Wu from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Prof. Ding from Hebei University of Technology, 8 PhD course students in Malab, and Dr. Wang from Hirai-lab in Ritsumeikan joined the session.